• Office #4, 1st Floor Haider Plaza Main LOS Fatah Sher Road, Samanabad Lahore
  • info@ahminternationaltraders.com

AHM INTERNATIONAL TRADERS have been serving the business community since the early 2000. We specialize in providing all sorts of machinery import/export services to a wide customer base both locally and internationally.

AHM INTERNATIONAL TRADERS is a Pakistani-based company operating throughout the globe with our head office based in Lahore, Pakistan.

We offer the best suitable machinery of a variety of loads, from abnormal and heavy haulage, through to extensive European groupage.

AHM INTERNATIONAL TRADERS started as a small company with a couple of imported machinery connecting the demand for Asian, European, Middle Eastern goods to Pakistan. Over many years we have adapted our capabilities of importing and exporting and expanding our horizons to worldwide supply chain. On the back of satisfying our customers’ demands of different machinery for their agricultural and industrial uses, our customers faith in us have driven us to become the company that we are today, with specialist low-loaders and heavy-loaders. Providing importing and exporting for ever increasing demands of advanced machinery, and overcoming challenges at every corner for our clients, with a “can do” attitude